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If you just tried to get to and ended up here,  then everything is working correctly. We have provided this  page to explain how and why you are here. Welcome to our new site! was our old web site and domain, we still own it and don’t plan on abandoning it. We have had that site since July 14, 1999 and it was faithful for a long time. As we got later into the new century the sites functionality started lacking.  As with anything, time took its course so, we built this site and will focus our attention and technologies here. This site is operating from much faster, extremely more modern technology and hardware. We felt this was a far better direction for us and our customers.
Notice to Webmasters: All old links to images and content from will now be landing on our Main page.  This will purposefully break all leeching that was occurring throughout the Internet on over 4,000 sites. These sites were sharing our Art and Designs as their own. We are utilizing 301 Redirects for your convenience. If you are a Webmaster that was linked to material and your links are broken, please link to the new site at or Contact Us with your technical issues pertaining to our site. We would be glad to work with you in most cases.
Notice to All: Please do not attempt to leech our graphics, designs or any other material from this site. The attempt will be blocked automatically and the transaction logged. Everything on this site is Copyright and protected under law. You must have written consent to use anything from this site. All we are saying is to ask first, respect our site as we respect yours. Simply send us an email with a description of what you want to do and exactly where. Please provide an URL for inspection so we can check it out.
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Rock and Roll Custom Paint -By Appointment Only
-Orange, CA – (714) 744-0631 -Dallas, TX – (972) 822-6773
Hours: Mon. thru Fri. 8 am – 5 pm Sat 10 am – 2 pm
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