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Everything on with or without www including http and https or any access protocol used to access, is Copyright. Pages, Images, Content, everything. Any and All Unathorized use will be subject to criminal prosecution. Stings, but it has to be explained to some people.

We run a fair and straight business. We ask that you respect our Property.
If you want to link to something or use anything from our business or this site please get it in writing from us first. The contact information is all over the page and easy to find. For your convenience its on the bottom of this page as well.

Just so there are no misunderstandings, please read below.

About Copyright.

Copyright on the web seems to be a difficult concept for some people to understand. But it’s really simple: If you did not write or create the article, graphic, or data that you found, then you need permission from the owner before you can copy it. Remember, when you use someone’s graphic, HTML, or text without permission, you are stealing, and they can take action against you.

What is Copyright?

Copyright is the right of the owner to reproduce or permit someone else to reproduce copyrighted works. Copyrightable works include:

literary works such as articles, stories, journals, or computer programs
pictures and graphics
blueprints of architecture
music and song lyrics
plays and screenplays
audiovisual recordings such as movies
sound recordings
If you’re not sure if an item is copyrighted, it probably is.

Reproduction can include:

printing a web page
copying the HTML, JavaScript, PHP or any other code of a page
downloading an image to your hard drive
printing an image

Copyright Notice

Even if a document or image on the web does not have a copyright notice, it is still protected by copyright laws.

When is Copying Something an Infringement?

The most common types of copyright infringement on the web are images being used on web sites other than the owners. It doesn’t matter if you copy the image to your web server or point to it on their web server. If you use an image on your web site that you didn’t create, you must get permission from the owner. It is also common for the text, HTML, and script elements of a page to be taken and reused. If you have not received written permission, you have violated the owner’s copyright.

Many companies take this type of infringement very seriously. About, for instance, has a legal team that handles copyright infringement, and the Fox TV network is very diligent in searching out fan sites that use their images and music and will demand that the copyrighted material be removed.

Now you probably asking yourself:
But How Will they Know?

Before I answer that, keep in mind this quote: “Integrity is doing the right thing even if no one will know.”

Rock and Roll Custom Paint & with or without www including http and https employes mechanisms to know every click a visitor makes on our site nad exactly when.

For example:
We know where you came from.
We know what you clicked on.
We know your browser agent.
We know your operating system.
We know your IP.
We know your Provider.
Exact Time / Date of all transactions.
We even know your screen resolution.

This is only for the protection of our data. We do not release this information to any parties, anywhere, for any reasons other than what may be needed to protect our data or recover our data. with all this said and done, just ask before you take anything from our site or reuse it in any fashion, anywhere.

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