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Testimonials – Rock and Roll Custom Paint. Below is a small sample of what customers say about their experience with Rock and Roll Custom Paint. Our showroom walls are adorned with hundreds of photographs and “Thank You” letters that tell similar stories of extremely satisfied customers.


Hey guys, sorry it took so long to do this, but I’ve been out of state. After I picked up the bike from you guys, I took it for a ride and believe me, it is an amazing change. I went out a few times for a ride last week and I got cars pulling up next to me just to tell me how amazing the bike looks. The paint job is awesome, and this is not just coming from me, but from all the people that see the bike. I was just at an American classic / muscle car and Harley show and I was surprised at how much people looked at the job you guys did. Once again, great job and I’m glad you did the paint work.             From Rock and Roll Custom Paint, Thank you
Carlos CoronadoLaguna Niguel, CA

Along with the above humbling Testimonials, we have a Customer Showcase below. This is another small sample of the work some of our customers have had done. We are very grateful to have been able to custom paint these  Harley Davidson’s, Trucks, Boats, Sand Rails, Rifles, Jet Cars, Trailers, Recreational Vehicles and hundreds of other pieces of equipment and miscellaneous pieces. It is always our pleasure to bring our customers dreams to life, no matter what it is they want custom painted, we can do it and have.

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